length: 32k
tags: sex tape
Patrick is a solo artist who's sunk his heart and soul into a second album that's failing to chart. Obviously what he needs to bump up sales and dirty up his nice guy image is a sex scandal. His music label hire amateur porn star and aspiring poet Pete to pose as Patrick's boyfriend and together they make one intimate video destined for infamy on the internet.
Patrick falling for Pete isn't part of the plan.
length: long
tags: craigslist
Your pic gets mine.
length: 68k
tags: bdsm
Pete feels like the prince trying to catch up with his kinky CinderDom, with a blindfold in the place of a glass slipper.
AKA the Bondage Pete fic
SQ (proteinscollide)
length: 1.5k
tags: zombies
Pete like brains. And Patrick.
Pete gets sick with strep throat and insists on being treated like a king. Andy and Joe become jealous of Pete's 'royal treatment' so they decide to prank him. When Andy makes the connection that lead singers can't afford to get strep throat, he devises a plan to separate Pete from his beloved Patrick.
length: 1k
length: 3k
I don't know anything about producing shows, so if anything sounds off, just remember that!
length: 3k
Patrick turns 17 on the usual day and in the usual way.
Zee (orphan_account)
length: 28k
Don't you know/how sweet and wonderful life can be?/I'm askin' you, baby/To get it on with me.
Jane St Clair
D/s, filthy
Lies, all lies.
peterick 3k T
Patrick is baffled by the meaning of write-in votes.
Frogs Out There Who Used To Be People
peterick 3.8k E
Sexpollen of the supernatural variety.
Freaky Friday
peterick 6.7k E
AU in which Pete and Patrick switch bodies; awesomeness esues, that's all I got.
peterick E
Adult entertainment star Pete Wentz is known for three things: 1. He's the tiniest, most emo top in the business. 2. He'll do absolutely anything on film. Except kiss. 3. He's sometimes a little too good at getting his co-stars off.
Five People Patrick Bossed
xsnarkasaurus & brandixcyanide
peterick 1k E
"For as little as he is, dude's pretty fucking militant," says GCH frontman Travis McCoy. "He'll be like, 'Travis, hit this note!' and I'll be like, 'Just tune that shit!' and he'll say, 'Just fuckin' be a man and hit that shit!' I got four feet on the dude, and he's putting me in check."
Filthy Kings
Femme (femmequixotic)
peterick 14k E
The opening night of Angels and Kings is a lot more entertaining than Patrick expects.
faster than a heartbeat
peterick, frerard 20k E
Clandestine Station is the end of nowhere - a mining station located on a remote ice planet, far away from any other populated system, with no breathable oxygen and very little contact with the rest of the galaxy. In short, it's Patrick's worst nightmare ... and he's just been assigned to work there. When he arrives, however, he finds the station populated by a surprisingly cheerful bunch of people, all of whom welcome him with open arms. Patrick fits in better than he ever expected, thanks in large part to Pete, Clandestine's de facto manager. Patrick just might have a raging crush on his new boss, not that he intends to tell him about it. Eventually, though, Patrick gets exactly what he wanted: a transfer to a far more civilized planet. Only ... he's not entirely sure he wants it any more. When a disastrous storm strikes Clandestine, Patrick is forced to confront his deepest fears and decide once and for all - does he want to go home, or is he already there?
Emergency Contact
peterick, mikey/pete/patrick 14k E
"I need your help. There's something..." Patrick's trailing hand finds its way under Pete's t-shirt and Pete's breath catches in his throat. He swallows hard before continuing. "Something is wrong with Patrick."
Dress Up In You
peterick 2k E
"If this was what surprise return trips home meant, maybe he'd find a way to make more of them."
Doritos and Dildos
peterick 2k E
Aliens made them do it - sort of.
Doctor, I can't thank you enough
peterick 2k E
Disney Love Is Real
peterick 4k T
Pete and Patrick in a first through third grade class together and Pete thinks that they were just meant to be. Patrick isn't so sure about that one.
peterick 16.5k E
Pete has met a lot of people. All of them-mostly-are dead.
Delivering Just What You Need
peterick, vicky/gabe, vicky/william/gabe 25k E
Patrick shows up on the night Ashlee tells Pete she's leaving him, when Pete is pretty sure he'd be doing the world a favor by leaving it. Patrick—with copious application of ice cream, the Food Network, snuggling, and occasional well-meant not-quite-violence—does his best to keep Pete alive. Pete, in turn, does his best to convince Patrick that Patrick is, in fact, secretly Pepper Potts, and that Cupcake Wars is not a legitimate form of entertainment. In the meantime, Vicky-T, all sharp eyes and crocodile smiles, looks after Gabe and tries very hard not to care that Bill is looking after him-and maybe her-too. Gabe spends most of his time trying to convince Vicky-T that he's allowed to have two soulmates at the same time. This story features ice cream, Iron Man references, ridiculous adventures in adult novelty stores, random smatterings of Spanish endearments, shameless sex scenes, and angels. Specifically, angels with lethal legs and mad baking skills, short tempers and absolutely no clue what they're doing.
Close Encounters of the Unexpected Kind
peterick 4k E
Patrick is a real-life Clark Kent, whose superpower is being adorable. When he goes through pon farr, it's Pete to the rescue.
Possibly I Like The Thrill
peterick 1k E
A sequel to Calms Jittery Nerves by sharon_hate. Pete watches the tape.
Calms Jittery Nerves!
peterick E
Could this be considered child pornography, Patrick doesn't once ask himself. (Pete gets Patrick a vibrator for Christmas and a sex-tape/thank you present ensures.)
Beyond the Sea
peterick 62k E
Marine Biology student Patrick Stump was looking to get away from everything when he signed up for an internship, but he didn't expect to get sent all the way to southern Ireland. He's been assigned to work with Pete Wentz and his whale watching tour business, and though he'd never admit it, the town and its crazy inhabitants may hold exactly what he's been searching for.
peterick 39k E
An AU a la the movie Bedazzled. Patrick is a bored high school student who just wants someone to take him away from all this bullshit. Pete is the Devil, AKA Lucifer, AKA Beelzebub, AKA big trouble, who just wants. ..Patrick.
asking to be born
peterick 26k M
in which Pete Wentz gets knocked up.
and the baroque is over
clumsygyrl (thegirlthatisclumsy)
peterick, frerard 7.6k M
many inspirations from my actual prompt lyrics from the 2lineschallenge ("you can talk to me, 'cause I'm a hot topic") to my silly aspirations of making pete wentz an actual "writer" to wanting to make gale happy. the last the most important of all.
Amateur Surgeon
peterick E
Patrick Stump can't believe how insanely hard the third act of Amateur Surgeon is. Pete Wentz can't believe how hot his boyfriend looks all frustrated by it.
peterick 2.7k T
It was just an experiment. It wasn't like Pete was planning on reading this stuff for pleasure, right? So that made it okay. Otherwise known as "Pete ventures into fandom."
Act as a Clever Medicine
Zee (orphan_account)
peterick 8k E
Sex pollen.
Zero Percent
frank/gerard/mikey 43k E
They sit in silence while Frank smokes. A group of primary school kids walk by, all in pairs, holding hands and wearing bright vests and tiny backpacks. Mikey spots one with a Batman design. The children stare at them curiously while the teachers look disdainful, shuffling them along quickly, away from Mikey and Frank, who've got no places in brightly colored, child-friendly worlds. or: the AU in which Frank is homeless and the Ways prostitutes
Stump's Eleven
29k M
Patrick Stump is one day out of prison, and already has an idea for the biggest heist of his career. But he'll need some friends to help him out.
Rage Fear Sorrow Shame
13k M
One night in 1997, Mikey Way goes dancing... and never comes home. Gerard is convinced he's still alive, and though the weeks drag on, he refuses to give up hope. Even if the cops can't find Mikey, he will. He's right. Mikey is alive. So are the seven other boys held captive with him. There are men who don't dare indulge their tastes outside, but among those who need it, this house has a reputation for secrecy. The boys have given up on ever seeing the outside world again, but Mikey will never lose his faith in Gerard.
There's Something in the Water Cooler (Or Maybe It's Just Love)
bob/brendon/spencer 26k T
In a world where there are offices that do very important things, there lives a man who rules the accounting department with an iron fist. That man is Spencer Smith.
The Pete Wentz Fic Club
2k G
The whole thing starts after their second CD comes out and Pete discovers there are entire Livejournal communities named after him.
Need You Wild
fallintosilence & boweryd
brendon/spender 105k E
Spencer's a werewolf! A sexy werewolf! Okay, really, Spencer is a newly turned, slightly confused werewolf who can't figure out why Brendon smells so good all the time. Or why Spencer can't seem to stop acting like he is 16-years-old, what with all the blushing and stuttering around Brendon and the constant jerking off. Fear not, though, gentle reader, because it turns out Brendon is totally on board with having a werewolf boyfriend. And with having lots and lots of sex. Can their relationship survive jealousy, possible accidental lycanthropy, and a wolf musical? Will at least two of those problems be solved by lots of sex? Why, yes. Yes they will.
It Came From Within
frank/mikey 31k E
Frank loves living with Mikey. Sure, the apartment is a mess, the kitchen's a toxic wasteland, and there's something growing in the refrigerator that's just a day or two away from becoming sentient, but other than those minor inconveniences, it's all cool.
Or it is until Mikey decides to embark on a journey of sexual discovery and adventure and Frank's left at home with nothing but the fridge monster for company. To make matters worse, Mikey insists on telling Frank everything he does with his new kinky friends, right down to the tiniest detail.
And now suddenly Frank is best friends with his right hand and he can't stop thinking about Mikey in ways he never has before. The really big problem, other than suddenly being in lust with his best friend, is that Frank isn't sure why.
Forever, Now
77k T
Kidfic! Brian rescues kid!Gerard and Mikey from life on the streets, and eventually everyone finds a family.
The Boys Are Too Stereotypical
1k G
What would happen if all of the fandom stereotypes were condensed and shipped to the boys and it suddenly became this infectious, crack-filled disease? This.
All That Shit Seems To Disappear When I'm With You
frank/pete/patrick/mikey 26k E
Frank's been attracted to Mikey for a while, a feeling that he's kept carefully to himself. Other people don't have the same compulsion for secret. On the first day of school there's a short angry boy standing at Frank's locker, condemning him for making Pete's life hard. September quickly turns into a month of bad decision making as Frank, Pete, and Patrick deal with Mikey not feeling the same way they do.
The Sweetest Things Burn Before They Shine
gabilliam, peterick, ryan/spencer, brendon/jon, frerard 50k E
When Pete Wentz decides to write a soap opera, he doesn't do it small; he does it HUGE and gets everyone involved. But is the real soap opera the one playing out for the television audience with Spanish villas and pirates and evil, sinister betrothals or the one behind the scenes that involves pill poppers, awesome partiers, live chickens, romantic gay love, wacky Three's Company Too mix ups and betrayal of the worst and most heinous kind? Well, that's kind of up to the crazy mix of actors, musicians, various crew and production members to decide for themselves. Even if they are the ones in the thick of it.
Sing The Blues And Swallow Them Too
ryan/jon, spencer/brendon, peterick, frerard, mikey/bob 28k E
Working at a mental institution isn't all that it's cracked up to be. It's full of eye-rolling gossips, unrequited love, strange phobias and people who collect stray animals. And those are just the staff! Brendon is sure he stepped onto the set of General Hospital, Spencer can't stop rolling his eyes, Gerard has broken every piece of furniture to get the maintenance man to notice him and Dr. Wentz hits on everyone. When Patrick comes to finish his doctoral program he isn't sure who needs psychiatric help more, the patients or the people who run the place.
These Friday Night Lights
peterick, joncer, frerard, mikey/alicia 21k T
High school AU. Gerard is the head cheerleader and wears a skirt, Frank is on the football team, Pete is the school mascot, Ryan is the school's hobo journalist, Jon does photography for the yearbook, Spencer and Patrick are in the marching band, Gabe and Ray are AV techs who do a ESPN spin-off for the school, Bob is the big scary lineman, and Mikey tries to fit in while ignoring the fact that his older brother is wearing a skirt in public.
A Tale of Two Bookstores
ryden, peterick, joncer, frerard 25k E
the Barnes & Noble AU! Patrick manages one of the many Barnes & Nobles in town, and everything is fine, aside from his grumpy cashiers, his caffeine-addicted baristas, and the two hidden in the back closet. Everything is fine, that is, until Borders decides to move in down the street and, yeah, Patrick is in trouble.
Football is the Gayest Profession (and I, Dear Madam, am a Professional)
peterick, joncer, frerard 20k T
Bandom high school football AU, featuring FOB, PATD, MCR and various other guests
The Best Sound in the World
ryden, joncer, peterick, ryan/pete 20k G
When you work in retail in a quiet shopping centre, there's not a whole lot to do except gossip and fall in love. Luckily, the latter provides the former, especially when there's a love hexagon involved.
Behind the Sea (alternate universe version)
gabilliam, frerard, patd 33.8k E
"Heads up," Gabe announces when he steps onto the bridge. "William saw an octopus." "What kind of octopus?" Alex asks, already leaning over his console to do a search. Gabe doesn't actually know, come to think of it, but he's fairly certain William wouldn't either. "Eight legs, big head," he says instead, coming over to where his XO Ryland is already drawing up an info sheet on their location and status. "That helps," Ryland tells him, swiveling the screen in his direction. "We'll get that narrowed right down for you."
This Happy Ending's Just Beginning
ryden, peterick 28k T
The Disneyland parade has evolved into an all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza and Brendon wants to be part of it. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of opportunities for the guy who sells knick-knacks by the park gates. Enter Ryan, the parade's current star attraction, who might just have a plan to get Brendon everything he always wanted.
Peengate '07
ryden E
Somehow, pictures of Ryan's peen got leaked on the internet, and he's bound and determined to find out who the hell did it.
In Case The Scene Gets Nasty
zarah5 & softlyforgotten
ryden 90k E
Better to take the long way home than not to arrive at all. A high school AU.
here comes your man
iwaoi 8k T
Iwaizumi's left his cell phone on the bench, and while Suga keeps his gaze away from Iwaizumi the phone lights up with a new message.
Iwa-chan, it reads, Have a good day today! Good luck!
Suga chokes. It's hard to imagine anyone calling the scowling and fierce Doctor Iwaizumi "Iwa-chan." But marriage probably comes with all sorts of liberties.
Mrs. Iwaizumi must be quite the doting wife, Suga thinks. Delivering hand-made bentos and sending along loving messages.
No one really knows much about the new surgical resident, Doctor Iwaizumi, other than the fact that he's married. Suga's determined to find out more, and make a friend of him in the process.
Little Lamb
kagehina 7k E
It must be him Tobio smelled, a scent that was sweet and comforting, more a sensation than an actual fragrance—sun warmed hay and waking amongst soft sheets in the dawn light, wild blooming roses and a tender caress upon oversensitive skin.
He was a Lamb. Tobio had never met one before, but he was sure of it.
-- First meetings, seen through the eyes of the Wolf.
Gentle Monster
bakudeku 6.6k E
Izuku is Katsuki's babysitter. Katsuki hates the term, so of course Izuku uses it at every opportunity. Katsuki claims he's big and strong and nothing like a baby. Katsuki is also nine years old and clocks in at 133 centimeters so he doesn't have an incredibly valid opinion, but Izuku lets it slide.
Eyes On You
tokoyami/shouji 5k E
Tokoyami does not like attention. Not usually. Not unless it is from the one person he loves most. His new outfit definitely got him some attention.
bakudeku 4.7k E
Since the day he was born, Katsuki's baby brother had belonged to him.
Katsuki remembers being able to hold Izuku for the first time, remembers how small he was in his arms-- even if Katsuki had been a little thing himself back then at just four years old. He remembers their mom looking him in the eyes and saying, "Katsuki, he's smaller than you so you have to look out for him, okay? That's what big brothers do."
And at that moment, Izuku became his. That was his Deku, and nobody else's.
Dreaming of You
tokoyami/shouji 5.5k E
Something felt very odd. His body felt heavy and sluggish, and it was hard to roll over in his bed. His sheets felt different too, like he was in a different place all together. Fumikage slowly opened his eyes. He recognized where he was after a few moments, but not because it was his own bedroom.
No, he knew this bedroom because the one time he’d seen it, he’d memorized every detail of the interior.
This was the bedroom of his long-time crush. This was Shouji’s bedroom.
supercell x season
killugon 15k T
The summer before eighth grade, Gon Freecs meets a storm elemental.
Running Start
killugon 11k G
"Wanna try, Killua?" Gon asks, breathless and grinning despite being tossed to the dirt less than thirty seconds ago.
Killua tears his gaze away from Gon's bright face to the open field in front of him. A crowd of students are scattered around in an uneven circle, all cheering loudly as a boy and girl take their places on opposite sides of the ring.
"I'd need to know what the hell is even going on before I agree to anything," Killua says, exasperated, and Gon's grin only grows. "Why are you all hurling yourselves at each other like that?! You're lucky you didn’t get your front two teeth knocked out!"
Gon laughs. "Don't be silly, Killua! It'd be impossible to hit each other; you'd have to be soulmates for that to happen!"
(In a universe where a person cannot physically kiss someone who isn't their soulmate, a class of idiotic high schoolers spend their free period running towards each other to see who could get the closest before the universe repels them)
Critical Hit
killugon 55k T
After a medical crisis, Gon's confined to bedrest and he needs to do something—anything— to keep his mind occupied, even if that thing is the latest game on the market: Hunter Vs Hunter. Gon becomes consumed by the world of gaming and streaming where he finds a famous, furious, and devilishly handsome streamer by the name Kill.
When Gon's dorm friend introduces them in a match, Kill's fanbase goes crazy because of one simple fact: That Gon is an absolute newbie who can kick Kill's ass any day, any time.
Kill won't stop until he ends Gon's winning streak—even if that means flying Gon out to a nation-wide HvsH tournament to face off, kick ass, and meet for the first time.
makoharu 1.5k E
Haru was innocent, very innocent. Makoto wanted to do more with him-- so many fantasies filled his head with things he wanted to do.
Thanks for Saving Me
tododeku 46k E
"You saved my life," Todoroki says.
Izuku freezes. Then he looks up. Todoroki Shouto is staring at him, his eyes calm but wide, dust and soot all over his face. His perfect, handsome face. He's more beautiful in person than Izuku could have imagined.
"You just saved all of us," Todoroki says again. "What's your name?"
"M-Midoriya," Izuku chokes out. "Midoriya Izuku."
Todoroki nods. "Midoriya. Thank you."
Midoriya Izuku is a university sophomore, a fanboy, quirkless. On the list of things he is not: a hero.
That's why he's more surprised than anyone when he rescues Todoroki Shouto, his favorite pro hero, from a deadly villain attack. His actions fling him into the media spotlight, grabbing the attention of the entire country, including Todoroki himself. But Todoroki actually wants to get to know him past the headlines.
Izuku finds himself living a story straight out of a fairy tale, one where the mysterious, handsome prince is played by the real-life superhero he has always admired. But Izuku is convinced he's the ugly duckling, not the swan; could he ever be remarkable enough to get his happily ever after?
In Transit
kagehina 4719 T
Hinata finds that he likes standing close to Kageyama on buses and trains. It doesn't mean anything--probably. Maybe.
Forget the Coat
bakudeku 2541 E
Izuku has been pining after his co-worker for months, and he honestly never expected anything to come of it. After all, Katsuki made fun of him constantly, was frequently outright hostile, and only neutral on the best of days. There was no way he liked him back. Right?
(Or: a shameless indulgence of fictionalizing bits of irl experiences for the purpose of anime porn.)
The Fuck Machine
bakudeku 9172 E
He tugged at Deku’s hair once more, forcing a small groan out of the boy, teary eyes finding his again. He tilted his head, lips forming a smirk, showing off sharp canines as he asked, “where do you think you’re going, Deku?”
Deku makes himself a fuck machine and Bakugou just so happens to stumble upon his favorite nerd using it.
The Lotus in Paradise
miyuki/eijun 45k E
Common destiny
Originally a Buddhist expression referring to all life being reborn on the same lotus, the phrase was later romanticized in double-suicide stories where two lovers wish to be reunited in paradise. The modern colloquial meaning, though, is to share the same fate through good or ill – e.g. "You and I are in the same boat, so if we're going down, we're going down together."
if you wouldn't mind
bakutodo 2286 E
“If,” Todoroki swallows around his frayed nerves, “If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like you to put on these—” He pulls out a pair of red patent leather heels from behind his back. “And step on me while wearing them.”
bakudeku 2681 E
However many times they do this, Izuku can’t seem to shake the belief that he really shouldn’t enjoy it as much as he does.
tokoyami/shouji 2500 E
Shouji didn’t have lips. He had a mouth and teeth and a wide jaw. He tilted his husband’s head to lick his neck and up to the tip of his beak. As for his hands, they were busy. They pinned Tokoyami’s arms above his head so he couldn’t move and another found its way under the black cloak, taking hold of the hardon underneath.
“No pants,” Shouji whispered into the kiss. “Just your briefs? Someone’s eager. And insatiable.”
Tokoyami sighed as Shouji’s mouth traveled down his neck and onto his collarbone. He wrapped his legs around Shouji since they weren’t touching the ground. “This is your fault,” he huffed. “You made me like this. Ordinary masturbation is lackluster compared to the ascension you make me experience.”
Sweet Dreams
tokoyami/shouji 1k E
Shoji moved closer, an arm forming a mouth at the end, spoke directly into his ear, “I dreamt that a little bird flew into my bed and gave me something I’ll never forget.”
bakudeku 5107 E
“Does this mean someone wants to fuck Bakugou?” Kaminari asks curiously.
“I think it’s the other way around,” Mina says with a grin, and throws Katsuki a wink when he glares at her. “Obviously someone wants his giant werewolf co-”
“Hey!” Katsuki snaps, cutting her off. “Knock it off, I’m not fucking anyone!”
Famous last words.
Stupid Twink Finds Another Way to Pay Horny Mechanic
bakudeku 2224 E
Izuku gets a flat tire and being unprepared for such an event, is forced to call for a tow truck. One arrives, being driven by an aggressive, loudmouthed mechanic who introduces himself as Bakugo. Everything is going smoothly...up until Bakugo asks for payment and Izuku realizes that he doesn't have his wallet.
That's alright, though, Bakugo has another way for him to pay.
Police Dog
kyoutani/yahaba 35k E
Yahaba takes home a gruff looking, beat up dog. He patches his ear, and wraps his leg, and goes to sleep.
The next morning he wakes up to a hot guy rummaging through his kitchen.
“I took a pair of your shorts.” He says, standing up and away from the fridge. “Hope that’s a’ight with you.”
kagehina 2396 T
It's the Kageyama that gently takes Hinata's hand when they're walking together, or rests his head on the top of Hinata's when they're watching TV, or pulls Hinata into his lap when he complains about being cold. Hinata struggles at first, confused and thinking Kageyama's making fun of him or something, but he slowly starts to realize that, beyond all belief, Kageyama is the Doting type.
campfire in your chest
tsukkiyama 74k M
Kei realizes in their second year of high school that he's probably been in love with Yamaguchi since they were ten. However hopeless he might be in handling that situation, Kei prays he's at least not as hopeless as Hinata and Kageyama. But he just might be.
And Everything in Between
tsukkiyama 51k E
Yamaguchi buys Tsukishima a lizard for his seventeenth birthday. It might sound like a weird beginning to something more, but life can be weird sometimes.
about you and me
tsukkiyama 15k T
Yamaguchi’s always known a little bit about this kind of feeling; he’s seen all the movies about it, watched dramas with his mother, and while a part of him thought it was nice, it also kind of eluded him, why people went so crazy about it. Still, even though Yamaguchi never really yearned for it or anything – the only thing Yamaguchi’s really ever yearned for on television is being the black Power Ranger – maybe there’s something nice about it, finally getting to feel it. But then again, Akiteru’s trying to make small talk with him right now and the inside of Yamaguchi’s chest is about to implode, so. Yamaguchi isn’t really sure. Or: Three crushes, four confessions, and realizing you're in love with your best friend while random girls won't stop talking to you about how they're in love with him: Yamaguchi Tadashi and his love/hate relationship with love.
kagehina 5930 T
Hinata should not be this hot. Kageyama shouldn't find his short stature attractive, shouldn't have problems with his eyes lingering a little too long on Hinata's smaller frame, the way his shirts hang just a little too big on him sometimes.
kagehina 29k E
Kageyama Tobio has a routine.
Up, shower, dress, breakfast, classes, practice, work, dinner, laptop, show time.
It’s simple, and it works for him. Kageyama has never been all that much interested in socialising—not to say he doesn’t like talking to people, but…honest, for the most part, he’d rather not be doing that—and there is comfort in a system that never changes. No matter what party he is invited to, what club meal or class drink or work social they try to wrangle him into, Kageyama does not cave, because the rest of his routine is waiting for him at home.
And if he’s late, he will miss it.
Hinata is a well-known cam boy, and Kageyama is his biggest fan.
Baby, this is how it all goes down
tsukkiyama 7348 E
In the midst of revising for a class test over at Yamaguchi’s place one night, Tsukki suddenly spoke up and said, “I'd like to bottom the next time we have sex."
5yenwish (iamacamera)
tsukkiyama 49k E
Welcome to Yamaguchi Tadashi's sexual awakening. Kindly leave your expectations at the door. [[On hiatus.]]
Hands On the Wheel
kuroken 1922 e
Kenma is a bit of a tease, and Kuroo is more than okay with it.
The Heart of the Jungle
kagehina 50k E
'When Hinata woke in the evening, he half expected to see the wild man mysteriously gone, as though he'd never been there in the first place.
But instead, there he lay, fast asleep. Shafts of deep golden sunlight fell across the man's sleeping form, and Hinata stared at him, transfixed. He had long, dark lashes and a finely shaped, straight nose, and low cheekbones with a proud jawline, all of which started to fill out some sort of stereotypical profile for a rugged jungle king.
If ever there had been someone created to survive the unforgiving landscape of the jungle, it was him.'
The rainforest expedition is to last a full year—365 days of living under the lush canopy of trees.
Danger looms. Adventure awaits. The jungle calls. Hinata Shouyou has never wanted anything more.
Or so he thinks, until he meets a curious stranger there, who shows him what it means to be truly needed.
ready, set, forget.
tsukkiyama 3894 T
“Wait, you mean he’s kissing him, and making him forget by using memory charms?”
Tsukishima hates himself.
Dragon Gate
miyuki/eijun 29k E
Carp's waterfall climbing
The legend, originating in China, tells that if a carp swims upstream of the Yellow River and leaps through the Dragon Gate at the top of a mountain, the carp will transform into a dragon.
A Beginner's Guide to Being in Love with Miyuki Kazuya
miyuki/eijun 25k E
Eijun is mostly convinced that all of this is an elaborate joke by the universe itself. He just blurted it out when he realized it - unfortunately, while the whole Seido Baseball team was in the room. So now everybody knows he's in love with Miyuki, even though no one takes it seriously, including the captain himself.
miyuki/eijun 3851 E
Eijun might have lost the battle, but Miyuki clearly lost the war.
miyuki/eijun 2598 E
Eijun doesn't have a single subtle bone in his body, but Miyuki still manages to come to the wrong conclusion.
Letting Go
miyuki/eijun 3890 E
Left with no choice but to share a flat, Eijun didn't think that his cover as a normal college student could be blown. "Your pills," Miyuki said through gritted teeth. "Where're your pills?" Omegaverse.
On the amazingness of social networks
miyuki/eijun 7284 E
It takes only one tweet from Miyuki for chaos to ensue.
only fools rush in
miyuki/eijun 52k E
"Miyuki-senpai," Sawamura says. "I like you."
Kazuya stares at his bent head, the dark hair tufted in weird places from sleep. There's an odd ringing noise in his ears.
"… As a friend?"
Sawamura looks up, his bright eyes gleaming. "No!" he yells. "In a romance way! Please go out with me, Miyuki Kazuya!
miyuki accepts everyone who confesses to him him out of convenience, not romance. he never expected sawamura.
miyuki/eijun 3788 E
Miyuki's his usual self, only drunk (maybe), and Eijun's pretty terrible at being the responsible one.
Foggy Memory, Chaotic Heart
komahina 15k E
Nothing. He can't remember anything. All there is in his head is the knowledge that he knows nothing and that he has strange feelings for this white-haired boy beside his bed.
Hinata gets into an accident and forgets everything, losing all of the memories he ever had. Komaeda, feeling obligated to take care of him while he's vulnerable, learns that there are a lot of unsaid things between the two of them that could possibly work to his advantage.
komahina 1297 E
Komaeda’s determined not to be too loud. It only makes Hinata want to hear him even more.
komahina 3911 E
They’ve somehow ended up on Komaeda’s bed kissing for the tenth time in a month.
Aomine Daiki's Spring Formal
aokagakuro 5110 E
When spring break rolls around, Kagami invites Kuroko and Aomine over to his apartment. Kuroko suggests that they try new things in bed. Aomine has a couple of ideas in mind, but he's too embarrassed to say until Kuroko and Kagami pry his ideas out of him. What happens when Kuroko and Kagami decide to make Aomine's kinks a reality?
(The answer is porn.)
Beastly Call
kagakuro 239k E
"You mean," Kuroko started. "You'd be my Heat Partner?" He didn't expect Kagami to explode into a myriad of different shades of red more impressive than his own hair.
"Y — yeah tha's what I'm sayin'!" for some reasons he lapsed into english with an odd accent.
KagaKuro Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics & Sex Pistols AU - Fusion
Bird on a Wire
Lys ap Adin (lysapadin)
aokuro, kagakuro 41k E
Aomine's very bad day, and what happened after. Or, it takes a village to raise Aomine.
"What the fuck," Daiki said, blank with shock, and so the first thing Tetsu said to him after five years was "I'm sorry, but please don't use language like that on school grounds."
Best friends
kuroken 6307 e
Every evening they walk home together, Kuro smelling of salt and suntan lotion, Kenma’s hands sore from scooping ice cream all day, and it feels nice. Peaceful.
He’s glad Kuro came, after all.
((During the two weeks he spends manning his uncle's ice cream booth on the coast, Kenma decides that maybe he likes his best friend back, after all))
Best friends
kuroken 6307 e
Every evening they walk home together, Kuro smelling of salt and suntan lotion, Kenma’s hands sore from scooping ice cream all day, and it feels nice. Peaceful.
He’s glad Kuro came, after all.
((During the two weeks he spends manning his uncle's ice cream booth on the coast, Kenma decides that maybe he likes his best friend back, after all))
Performance Anxiety
kuroken 9011 E
Kuroo lets his perfectionism get in the way of exploring the more physical side of his relationship with Kenma; Kenma decides to take matters into his own hands.
How Kuroo Found Kenma
kuroken 38k e
"Oh my God," Kuroo said, eyes growing wide. He slowly turned to fully face Oikawa, "I'm in love with Kenma."
Oikawa brought his tea to his mouth. "Yeah," he said, smiling through the steam rising in front of his face, "I know."
On Your Birthday
kuroken 1754 E
"What Kuroo?" he managed to breathe, his voice a little rough with sleep. Even so he pushed his face against that chest, wiggled in against the warmth of his best friend's body.
He felt a hand lightly slide through his hair. "Happy birthday," Kuroo said, his faint smile audible in the unnatural gentleness of his voice.
The Scenic Route
kyle/stan, kenny/butters 11.6k E
The boys embark on a six day road trip to California before separating for college. Cartman is a pain in the ass, Kenny has no future, Butters is in crisis, and Kyle doesn't know how he'll say goodbye to Stan.
One Man Army
kenny/butters 4k E
Toward the end of high school, Kenny and Butters are the only ones still playing this game.
Anyone Can Be an Asshole
kenny/kyle 48k E
Kyle comes back from six years at an elite east coast boarding school, and burnout Kenny is determined to impress him. When watching My Fair Lady on repeat isn't enough, he asks for Wendy's help in becoming someone Kyle will respect.